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Global Operations

BioStorage Technologies manages samples from anywhere in the world, either within our global biorepository facilities or onsite at your location

At BioStorage Technologies, our global facility operations are structured to support comprehensive lifecycle management of your sample assets. We understand that your samples are extremely valuable and may hold the key to future discoveries. That is why our operations teams are trained and certified to ensure that your samples are ready for anything, so they have the potential to tell you everything.

BioStorage Technologies has four strategically-placed global biorepository operations within the United States, Germany, Singapore and China. Our purpose-built biorepositories are designed to ensure the security and protection of your scientific sample assets and maintain consistent standard operating procedures. We have the capacity to store individual samples and freezers of samples, as well as other equipment and supplies and to safely and securely transport research samples around the world.

BioStorage Technologies HeadquartersBioStorage Technologies North America Operations (Headquarters)

BioStorage Technologies is headquartered in North America within the United States of America.  In this region, our biorepository is centrally-located in Indianapolis, Indiana and offers a broad range of sample management and bioprocessing capabilities.  Our storage capabilities range from room temperature to -190°C.  This facility is a College of American Pathologist accredited biorepository and maintains the highest level of GxP regulatory compliance, is US Certified by the TSA as a Certified Cargo Screening Facility and is licensed by the FDA and Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  All our systems including our global sample management inventory system, ISIDOR®, are US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.  Our site staff are trained in International Air Transport and US Department of Transportation regulations including radioactive goods and infectious substances.

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BioStorage Technologies European HeadquartersBioStorage Technologies Europe Operations

Our European operations are located in Griesheim, Germany. This full service sample management biorepository  facility adheres to all European regulatory sample management guidelines and has identical expert staff, operations, technology and breadth of storage options as within our North American facility. We offer both sample storage and bioprocessing solutions to research companies and provide best-in-class, high-quality sample storage options which allow our customers to locate samples closer to their research while maintaining centralized management and tracking of sample assets within our single global database, ISIDOR®.

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BioStorage Technologies Asia-Pacific HeadquartersBioStorage Technologies Asia-Pacific Operations

Our Asia-Pacific headquarters is located in Singapore with additional operations in Shenzhen and Beijing, China.  We offer our complete suite of comprehensive sample management and bioprocessing solutions and provide consulting on a broad range of offsite or onsite storage models. Our commitment is to the delivery of consistent high-quality staffing, processes and technology across all our global BioStorage Technologies operations.  Customized sample management solutions is our trademark and is provided through our technical consulting services in this dynamic and growing region of the world.

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