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Good Storage Practices Leadership

Advocates for Good Storage Practices

We not only believe in the necessity of regulated Good Storage Practices (GSP), we are already practitioners. And as practitioners, we are committed to excellence and an ethical approach to biological sample management. BioStorage Technologies is globally leading the way toward universal adoption of Good Storage Practices throughout the industry.

We closely monitor the evolving pharmaceutical and biological research industry regulations, while continually developing and introducing internal standards based on new discoveries.

Good Storage Practices

  • Over 150 sample management Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)—Ensure samples are in complete regulatory compliance and have a complete chain of custody.
  • Storage optimization planning—You’ll see the big picture regarding your inventory so that you can make strategic decisions that will allow your company to operate more efficiently.
  • BioInventory—Our proprietary sample storage software gives you complete visibility to your inventory, anywhere, anytime.
  • Internal quarterly audits—Audits assure that our operating procedures are absolutely dependable so that you know your samples are secure.
  • Secure facilities—With a full business continuity plan in place, your samples will be protected in an emergency situation.
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