Press Releases

November 11, 2013BioStorage Technologies Selected as Co-Host of the 5th Annual International Leaders in Biobanking Congress Event

November 5, 2013BioProcessing Solutions Alliance Wins Million Veteran Program Genotyping Contract

October 28, 2013BioStorage Technologies Selected to Provide Technical Consulting to China National Genebank

October 9, 2013BioStorage Technologies Announces Growth into China

August 13, 2013BioStorage Technologies Launches INTEGRITY Study to Measure Effect of Time, Temperature and Preparation Methods on DNA and RNA Samples

February 19, 2013BioStorage Technologies Announces New Hire Bryan Hudson as Associate Director of Global Quality Assurance

January 15, 2013BioStorage Technologies Receives CAP Accreditation for U.S. Biorepository Facility

November 29, 2012BioStorage Technologies Leads ‘Rescue Mission’ after Sandy

September 11, 2012BioStorage Technologies Leads Global Sample Management Symposium at Annual Biorepositories Conference

August 9, 2012BioStorage Technologies Expands its Service Offering to Include Advanced Bioprocessing Solutions

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News Articles

March 3, 2014Under the Microscope: Discovering Ways to Grow Indiana’s Life Sciences Advantage [pdf]

January 16, 2013BioStorage Technologies Addressing Key Issues in Biobanking [pdf]

November 29, 2012BioStorage Technologies Leads ‘Rescue Mission’ after Sandy

August 6, 2012Strategic Sample Management – International Clinical Trials [pdf]

June 25, 2012Comprehensive Sample Management – Offsite, Onsite and Hybrid Outsourcing Models – Pharmaceutical Outsourcing [pdf]

April 9, 2012A Strategic Approach to Comprehensive Sample Management – Biopreservation and Biobanking [pdf]

March 29, 2012Comprehensive Sample Management: Achieving Research Efficiencies with a Hybrid Outsourcing Model – 20/20 Pharma [pdf]

February 29, 2012Logistics and Supply Chain Management Playing an Increasingly Important Role in Global Drug Development – Industry Week [pdf]

January 31, 2012The Right Path – European Pharmaceutical Contractor [pdf]

January 9, 2012The Growing Importance of Cold Chain Management in Biopharmaceutical Development – BioProcessing Journal [pdf]

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