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Learn about our BioProcessing Solutions powered by RUCDR Infinite Biologics

BioStorage Technologies®, Inc., the leading global provider of comprehensive sample management solutions, and RUCDR Infinite BiologicsTM, a global leader in the bioprocessing, analysis and biobanking of samples for genetic and cell-based research, are preparing to celebrate our 7 year anniversary of the BioProcessing Solutions Alliance at the end of this summer.  Together BST and RUCDR have developed a strategic, innovative and fully integrated service offering which provides a comprehensive scientific and technology platform to the bioscience industry. The state-of-the art infrastructure and scientifically driven approach creates opportunities for the delivery of advanced sample bioprocessing and biobanking solutions for both pre-clinical and clinical programs. “Our mission is to develop the most innovative processes and technologies which enable research organizations to identify and maintain the most valuable biological samples to support the development of future biomarkers, diagnostics, and drug therapies” stated Dr. Andrew Brooks, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Managing Director, BioProcessing Solutions Alliance.


The Bioprocessing Solutions Alliance delivers to bioscience companies a comprehensive and global solution for the collection of biomaterials, bioprocessing of primary biologicals into analytical derivatives, targeted and global analyses across scientific disciplines (genetic/genomic, proteomic, metabolomic, and clinical (CLIA)), storage of biological samples, transforming precious biomaterials into renewable resources for future research. The comprehensive global bioprocessing solutions include sample collection kit manufacturing/sample collection logistics, sample preparation and extraction services, fully automated analytical platforms, cell culture and stem sell services, tissue and pathology services, and bioinformatics and analytical services. To learn more about the Bioprocessing Solutions Alliance and the BST services powered by RUCDR Infinite BiologicsTM, please visit http://www.biostorage.com/sample-lifecycle/process/


To take a virtual tour of the RUCDR Infinite BiologicsTM, please visit:  http://go.brooks.com/l/36652/2017-07-25/5czpbn

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