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How Safe Are Your Samples?

“Leachables” or “extractables” are substances that can be extracted out of the plastic resin in sample storage tubes. Scientific evidence shows that “leachables” can significantly affect experiments by interfering with analytes, and pose a likely source of error in many assay systems. The FluidX™ team in the UK, and Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology in Japan conducted an evaluation of FluidX brand sample storage tubes along with other competitor brands in the market. The results indicate, FluidX sample storage external threaded tubes were the only tubes that consistently produced no detectable “leachables”. 

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Fish Stick Paradox

Cold chain logistics, temperature monitoring and data capture are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and important to R&D organizations managing biological and cellular samples. One would expect that the handling and storage of samples used for medical therapies would be significantly more sophisticated than frozen food storage in terms of regulations and data collections. This, however, is not the case today. Just as with frozen foods, understanding and controlling the effect of temperature variances on biological and cellular samples during physical transitions from the storage and research environment is very important.

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