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Onsite Management

When it is important to maintain your samples in close proximity to your research center, we provide an onsite solution at your location which still utilizes our sample management experts, processes and technology solutions. You receive the expertise of our BioStorage Technology staff at your facility combined with our best-in-class quality processes and the powerful technology of our industry-leading technology tool ISISS® on your location. We deploy highly-trained and qualified sample management operations personnel at your location. Our employees receive specific training and certification in how to manage sample assets, so you can be assured you are receiving the most qualified and skilled individuals to manage your samples.

Burgeoning Biotech Company Partners with BioStorage Technologies for On-Site Management of Biological Samples

Learn about how an emerging biotech company’s onsite sample management provides them the ability to quickly locate, di[...]

Exact Sciences Establishes Partnership with BioStorage Technologies for Onsite Management of Biological Samples

Learn about how BST’s expert storage and logistics personnel this molecular diagnostics company’s samples for long-t[...]

The Lifecycle of a Sample

One sample could be the key to future research advancements

Infinity Pharmaceuticals

Biotech Company Partners with BioStorage Technologies for On-Site Management of Biological Samples

Creating Sustainable Biospecimen Resource in Medical Research

Optimizing sample collections and integrating high-quality sample bioprocessing methods in order to maximize future rese[...]

Comprehensive Sample Management: Achieving Research Efficiencies with a Hybrid Outsourcing Model

(22:08) Moderated by Larry Blakenstein, Sr. Director of Clinical Research, Genzyme with discussion by Jay Schiestle, Sr.[...]

Comprehensive Sample Management Webinar

(01:03:37) Assess your internal and external resources and build a comprehensive approach to optimize the value of sampl[...]

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Ensuring absolute sample integrity, adherence to GxP guidelines and total compliance with global sample management regul[...]

Comprehensive Sample Management – Offsite, Onsite and Hybrid Outsourcing Models

Pharmaceutical Outsourcing
June 2012

Strategies for Improving the Onsite Management of Scientific Sample Assets

Pharmaceutical Outsourcing
Steve Sweeney of Infinity Pharmaceuticals - Effectively managing bios[...]

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