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Project Management

As the advocate for you and your samples, our Project Management Organization provides comprehensive oversight for your suite of sample management services. Our team of project management experts serve as client liaisons to support integrated sample management governance and ensure on-time deliverables and customer satisfaction. The project management team utilizes formal project management tools and best practices in a collaborative environment to deliver customized project solutions.

As sample management experts, the BioStorage Technologies project management team also has the capacity to provide a complete solution to your sample collection requirements and deliverables through our boutique Clinical Support Services. From the provision of custom designed collection kit supplies to sample reconciliation and consent management for your global clinical trials; our sample-centric approach focuses on fulfilling your protocol specific needs. We ensure you yield truly valuable sample assets to support your research objectives. Using our clinical support services means your sample management begins at precollection and ensures a holistic approach in the management of each sample lifecycle.

Seattle Genetics

Inventory control, centralization & process improvement of clinical sample management

Effective Data Capture – DIA

Best practices for designing and implementing effective data capture of clinical trial samples and associated data

Streamlined, Efficient Operations – ISBER

How implementing proven business methodologies in biorepository processes can lead to streamlined, efficient operations [...]

Consent Management Process

Our BioStorage Discover-Design-Develop-Deliver process for consent management.

BioProcessing Solutions Process

Our BioStorage Discover-Design-Develop-Deliver process for bioprocessing solutions.

Reduce Biorepository Management Costs by 40% or more with an Outsourcing Governance Model

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Governance Case Study – ISBER 2013

Effective governance processes are important for a successful biorepository partnership

Effective Governance Process for a Successful Biorepository Partnership

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