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Sample Storage

Within our global biorepositories around the world, a sample may be labeled with a barcode, but it will never be regarded as merely a number. As the benchmark in sample management, BioStorage Technologies manages the complete lifecycle of more than 200 types of biological samples and stores these samples in temperatures ranging from 27⁰C (room temperature) to -190⁰C (liquid nitrogen) storage. Our biorepositories around the world utilize state-of-the-art sample storage processes and technologies, including over 150 SOPs for sample management and the most powerful sample management technology system in the industry – Intelligent Specimen Inventory Storage System (ISISS®), as well as our global data virtualization solutions. Our biorepositories in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific provide consistent processes to efficiently consolidate and optimize your sample assets. Our people, processes and technology can also be contracted to support onsite sample management at your facility to ensure the highest quality storage of samples at your research locations.

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