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Supply Chain

BioStorage Technologies provides a broad spectrum of sample supply chain management services to support both active clinical trials and post-trial sample storage, such as clinical trial protocol-specific kits, logistics and transport consulting and comprehensive sample storage services. BioStorage Technologies’ logistics team coordinates all manner of shipments from ambient to liquid nitrogen temperatures. We offer three levels of transportation service from small service orders via standard international air carriers to large-scale relocation efforts via our cold chain Relofleet® truck. As a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) by the US Transportation and Safety Administration, we are able to pre-screen samples prior to transporting them via courier to the airport which enables you to reduce the risk for delays and temperature fluctuations during shipping. Our US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Intelligent Specimen Inventory Storage System (ISISS®) delivers regulatory compliant data with a 24/7 complete audit trail of the samples we manage.

A Sample Relocation in Europe and the United States

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Best Practices for Relocating Clinical Trial Samples Remotely in Another Region of the World

The Lifecycle of a Sample

One sample could be the key to future research advancements


The first-ever, mobile sample biorepository in the industry


(4:55) The first-ever, mobile sample biorepository in the industry

Biogen Idec

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Allograft processor streamlines operations & manages costs through cold chain logistics partnership

Medtronic, Inc.

Major medical device manufacturer partners with BioStorage for outsourced biorepository & logistics management

Global Distribution – ISBER

Best practices for the global distribution of specialized biomaterials generated in clinical trials

Global Cold Chain Management – DIA

The integral role of global cold chain management in ensuring the integrity of biospecimens

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