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BioStorage Technologies offers comprehensive sample lifecycle management solutions including flexible offsite and onsite sample storage options.

At BioStorage Technologies, our expertise is in the management of the complete sample storage lifecycle, from sample planning, collection, transportation, processing, protection and retrieval to disposal. Within our global biorepositories, a sample may be labeled with a barcode, but it will never be regarded as merely a number. Our bioservices focus is to help customers manage, protect and leverage the value of every sample, regardless of its type, size, shape or purpose.

We Protect and Storage Samples of All Shapes and Sizes

  • Human/Animal Biologics: Blood, Tissue, Cells, DNA Storage, RNA Storage, Plasma, Forensics and Fluids
  • Drug R&D Components
  • Biological Test Materials: Reagents, Liquids, Washes and Powders
  • Agricultural Plant Banking
  • Research Materials: Slides, Powders, Paraffin Blocks and Test Materials
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)



Planning Your Samples
As a sample management consultant, we will listen to your sample storage needs and help you establish a customized global management strategy for each sample type. That includes the development of sample handling protocols and creating business continuity plans that will reduce your clinical trial sample costs and maximize the life of your specimens.


Collecting Your Samples
Our trained and certified sample transportation team, support the integrity and compliance of samples as they travel between testing sites, laboratories, and storage facilities. We provide a broad spectrum of supply chain management services and processes to support active clinical trial sample collection, such as clinical trial protocol-specific kits, and post-study sample collection or relocation following the conclusion of a study. Regardless of size or type, our staff is experienced in the consolidation and preparation of samples for transport.


Transporting Your Samples
Whether your samples need to travel at controlled room temperature, frozen, or vapor phase liquid nitrogen temperatures our logistics team coordinates all manner of shipments. BioStorage offers sample logistics consulting and a flexible suite of sample relocation services, which support an auditable chain of custody. We transport small samples via standard international air carriers and relocate large sample inventories via our cold-chain Relofleetbiorepository trucks which can move large collections of individual samples or freezers full of samples.The TSA has approved our US biorepository as a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) enabling us to better ensure fast and efficient transport of your samples from pick-up to destination and enable you to avoid air transport delays.


Processing Your Samples
Through our integrated, state-of-the-art scientific approach and technology infrastructure, we offer the bioscience industry an integrated sample lifecycle solutions approach to biomaterial processing and biobanking which includes integrated management of nucleic acid sample preparation services, genetic and genomic analytical services, cell services, bioinformatics solutions and biobanking services.


Protecting Your Samples
Safeguarding your valuable assets is the cornerstone of our bio services. We ensure your samples are maintained in full compliance at all times, by employing fully validated storage units. We track sample temperatures via ELPRO monitors and utilize Sensaphone technology which administers automated alerts, including a phone call to our 24-hour, 7-day a week staff to ensure constant protection.BioStorage offers short and long-term sample storage. Choose from controlled room temperature storage of bulk or non-bulk samples (15°C – 27°C), cold storage (-20°C and 5°C), ultra low-temperature storage (-70°C and -80°C), and vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage (- 190°C).At BioStorage, our industry-leading sample preparation services ensure your samples do more than just reside in store; they become renewable resources for your future research.


Retrieving Your Samples
At a moment’s notice, when you need one sample or an entire batch of 1,000 samples, we guarantee retrieval and shipment within 24 hours. Place your request in real time online through our Intelligent Specimen Inventory Storage System, ISIDOR®, or by submitting a written shipment request notification.Once you have requested a sample shipment, ISIDOR® technology pinpoints the exact storage unit and shelf assignment of samples. Samples are removed from the storage unit, scanned and logged out of system while mobile ISIDOR® units maintain the audit trail throughout process. Samples are packaged in proper temperature-controlled packaging with all shipping and customs forms completed.


Disposing Your Samples
At BioStorage Technologies, our regulatory-compliant sample destruction processes provide you with a more efficient way of managing the rationalization and disposal of stored samples. If you decide it is time to destroy your samples, we segregate them in a pre-destruction area and hold them for 30 days at no cost to you just in case you decide to change your mind. As always, BioStorage Technologies tracks and records the destruction of the sample within ISIDOR® so you maintain a complete audit trail of the lifecycle of each sample. After incineration, BioStorage provides a certificate of destruction which verifies the sample has been destroyed.

The Value of our Sample Lifecycle Process

Utilizing a sample lifecycle process, BioStorage Technologies supports the integrity and extends the life of your sample assets. Our expertise is in helping you to manage the lifecycle of your valuable sample assets so you can focus on bringing future advancements in research and development to the market.

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