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Biological Sample Collection

Wherever you need biological specimen & sample collection around the world, trust the bio services of BioStorage Technologies


BioStorage Technologies provides a broad spectrum of supply chain management processes to support collection of biological samples and to prepare samples for transport. Our trained logistics team supports the integrity and compliance of biological samples as they travel between testing sites, laboratories, and storage facilities. We provide sample management quality assurance support so your samples are transported in a safe, compliant manner to ensure integrity is maintained.

Global Collection Kit Management (PDF)

Supply Chain Collection Plan

BioStorage Technologies will develop a sample supply chain collection plan to support global transportation of samples to our facility or yours. Based on your needs, our bio services experts will distribute the appropriate custom clinical trial collection kits to your collection sites. We provide protocol specific kits to support active clinical trials or packaging to support the relocation and storage of post-study sample collections. We can also relocate entire collections of samples from your biorepository to ours. No sample collection is too big or too small.

Supply Chain Collection Processes

Whatever your sample packaging needs, we can help. Here are some of the many ways BioStorage can assist you in the biological sample and specimen collection process:

  • Pre-conditioned, validated — We will prepare your packaging so that it maintains the temperature for a minimum of 72 hours and is also certified to ISTA requirements.
  • Temperature Controlled — Our temperature-controlled packaging can be custom designed to meet your specific sample and shipping requirements.
  • Custom transportation — When traditional carriers are unable to meet sample transport needs, custom transportation solutions are designed and scheduled.
  • Tracking — Packages are tracked from the time they leave our premises until they arrive safely at their final destination.
  • Re-icing samples — We have the ability to re-ice/re-package samples in transit as necessary to ensure samples remain in temperature compliance.
  • Documentation assistance — Our transport teams are certified supply chain experts and assist you in preparing all domestic, international, hazardous, nonhazardous and customs shipping documentation so that unexpected shipment delays are avoided.
  • Dry ice supply — Our dry ice inventory and resupply program keeps you from having to deal with managing these supplies.
  • Domestic and international certifications — Our IATA, US DOT and ADR training and certifications allow us to handle the transportation of any unusual shipment.

Wherever you need sample sets collected from around the world, trust BioStorage Technologies to support your supply chain needs.

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