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Comprehensive Sample Management Plan

Our comprehensive solutions team helps you plan your sample management strategy today so you are prepared for tomorrow.

BioStorage Technologies comprehensive sample management solutions team listens to your needs and establishes a customized global management plan for each of your sample types. We work with you to build a sample management plan that includes the development of sample and liquid handling protocols that can reduce your clinical trial costs and will maximize the life of your sample collection.

Throughout the planning process, we set expectations, establish requirements and obtain your authorization to make sure each sample is managed and processed in accordance with the sample management plan. BioStorage Technologies will help you define the parameters of your project regarding the precise temperature requirements, assure the proper sample collection tubes, assign specific bioservices that will be performed, document who has authorization to request action on the samples and to which locations the samples can be shipped to. Our experience is in developing the proper protocol design to ensure sample compliance and to maximize sample life.

At BioStorage Technologies, we help you plan today so you are prepared for tomorrow.

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