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Biospecimen Security and Sample Storage

One sample could be the key to future research advancements – ensure biosample integrity with biospecimen storage security & protection

Your samples are extremely valuable and may hold the key to future discoveries. That’s why it is our job to ensure your sample security is ready for anything, so they have the potential to tell you everything. Safeguarding your valuable assets with our biospecimen storage security protection is the cornerstone of our service. We ensure your samples are maintained in full compliance at all times, employing fully validated storage units, temperature monitoring, automated alerts, and back-up equipment, all of which are insured with a business continuity plan.

Accurate sample temperatures mean everything. Without that accuracy, the bio sample integrity will be lost. That’s why everything we do revolves around specific cold chain management protocols that we’ve established.

From the moment your samples arrive in our care, our focus is on maintaining the correct temperature for your samples — whether an operations technician is logging them individually into BioInventory, our proprietary sample management inventory system, or they are being transferred to an assigned storage location. Temperature is always verified and assured.

Sample Temperature/Equipment Monitoring

  • 24/7 continuously monitored temperature
  • Storage equipment – wired, powered and tracked independently
  • Auto-alerts sent when a storage unit requires a service check
  • Redundant cooling systems ensure continuous internal air rotation
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