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Disaster Recovery

As the premier global provider of comprehensive sample management solutions, we understand that unexpected disasters introduce elevated risk to the storage and transportation of valuable sample assets that support scientific research.

Our comprehensive sample management experts can help you protect and/or relocate samples from anywhere in the world to our highly secure biorepository facilities, manage samples on your location or safely transfer your samples to appropriate local research facilities. Our disaster recovery services include:

  • Disaster recovery response teams – as sample experts and advocates, we provide the necessary equipment, back-up power, technology and storage infrastructure to relocate sample inventory and support internal systems until an emergency subsides
  • Mobile recovery units – Relofleet®, our mobile biorepository vehicle, provides temperature-controlled sample transportation and security supporting multiple storage temperature zones with movement of freezers to samples, bunkers of dry ice and deployable LN2 tanks
  • Temperature remediation – Relofleet® supports immediate short-term mitigation and risk of sample loss providing storage bunkers filled with dry ice or back-up freezer power support
  • Sample transfer logistics networks – our long-standing network of global sample management partners, couriers, and suppliers provides you with prioritized disaster recovery logistics solutions from anywhere in the world
  • Biomaterial management – our BioInventory, state-of-the-art technology system provides sample inventory management with audit trail tracking utilizing bar-code technology and a recording of the complete chain-of-custody for each sample stored

The recent events and impact of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast of the United States have highlighted the destructive effect that natural disasters can have on research samples. See below for documentation of our latest disaster recovery efforts to support organizations in rescuing irreplaceable research samples that were impacted by the storm.

Read the New England Journal of Medicine Perspective piece written by Susan Zolla-Pazner, Ph.D., titled “Saving Specimens after Sandy” which depicts her personal experiences during Hurricane Sandy.


20|20 Pharma Publication Feature: In the eye of the storm




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