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Sample Preparation

Expedite testing, control quality and extend sample life with sample preparation services and renew them into multiple resources using aliquoting and DNA extraction

At BioStorage Technologies, we do more than store samples. We also prepare them to your exact specifications, so that they can be as useful and available as possible for you.

“A 99% unacceptable sample viability rate was recently found within a National Cancer Institute study in which samples had been collected from biobanks and universities around the world. The cost of samples resourced within this cancelled study was $12 Million.” Wired Magazine The Flesh Files, June 2010

At BioStorage Technologies, our industry-leading sample preparation services ensure your samples do more than just reside in storage; they become renewable resources for your future research.

BioStorage Technologies Sample Preparation Service Advantages

  • Consulting: Development of sample and liquid handling protocols for each sample type to support regulatory and protocol compliance. Requirements for each sample type are used to develop a storage protocol.
  • Logistics and Sample Processing: Sample processing, 24 hours after collection, maintains sample integrity, protecting sample assets.
  • Sample Preparation: Sample preparation transforms the sample into precise matrix components (plasma, serum, PBMC, DNA and RNA) which reduces testing time and cost while ensuring only viable samples arrive at their next testing destination in a ready-to-test condition.
  • Storage: Storage of DNA in frozen liquid or ambient desiccated formats provide storage flexibility and options for the best temperature format by sample type.
  • Tracking: Tracking of parent/stock sample and child/aliquot relationships via an industry-leading, uneditable 21 CFR compliant database ensures quality control and efficient utilization of samples.

Aliquoting Services/PBMC Processing

Supported by intense high throughput automated liquid handling processes, our onsite aliquoting services can help you eliminate the risk of aliquoting errors at study sites and reduce your logistics expenses.

  • Blood products separation — PBMC, Plasma, Serum
  • Volumetric Aliquoting
  • Normalized Aliquoting (by concentration target)

Nucleic Acid Extraction/Verification Services

Stored DNA samples can be aliquoted into multiple resources to protect the original stock sample for future analysis and testing. We can verify viability of any DNA sample, and provide an annotated sample/aliquot audit trail of purity, yield and concentration.
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