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Sample Relocation

Cold Chain Management Shipments Arrive At The Right Place, At The Right Time, In The Right Condition, While Passing Along Sample Relocation and Transportation Savings Of 30%

Whether you need to move your samples into our facility for storage, or move them from one lab to another, we can take care of it. BioStorage Technologies maintains IATA, US DOT and ADR compliance training and certifications. Our transport teams are certified cold chain management experts and provide import and export logistics consulting and planning which can save your company up to 30% over traditional sample transportation and relocation services.

We even have the capacity to move your freezers — intact and running. BioStorage Technologies is the first sample storage and management company to design a custom semitrailer, Relofleet® — the first-ever, mobile sample biorepository in the industry. Every feature that sets us apart from other competitors in sample management has been incorporated into this mobile unit created specifically for relocation services.

BioStorage Technologies offers a full suite of sample relocation services including

  • ReloStandard — Allows easier shipment of global samples through the use of our qualified transportation and packaging suppliers and facilities.
  • ReloEnhanced — Brings our global sample logistics and packaging team to your facility or testing site to support transport of your small to large shipments using our qualified transportation and packaging suppliers.
  • ReloCustom — Provides our global sample logistics and packaging team and our Relofleet® vehicles to support bulk, cold-chain shipments for ultimate sample control.

Our sample relocation suite of services is customized to support transporting, retrieving or combining small to large sample shipments at research sites, storage centers, testing laboratories or within your company.

  • Qualified Transportation and Packaging Suppliers — Ground, air and Relofleet® custom cold chain transport services are available.
  • Trained and Certified Global Sample Transport Team — IATA and US DOT trained and certified logistics and packaging personnel.
  • Certified Cargo Screening Facility — One of only a few biorepositories approved by the US Transportation Security Administration to pre-screen shipments at our facility, thereby avoiding possible screening delays at the airport.
  • BioInventory— Innovative realtime sample tracking database delivers a 24/7 complete audit trail of sample movement from site to site.

For more information contact BioStorage Technologies.

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