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BioStorage Technologies manages the complete lifecycle of offsite and onsite scientific sample assets

BioStorage Technologies provides industry-leading comprehensive offsite and onsite sample management solutions for the bioscience industry.

  • Offsite — Learn how you can outsource your sample storage and biorepository management to BioStorage to reallocate your overhead and reduce costs.
  • Onsite — Learn how you can keep your samples onsite and utilize our industry-leading technology and expertise.

When you entrust your sample management to BioStorage Technologies, we guarantee:

The highest quality and compliant processes

As the pioneer of Good Storage Practices (GSP) for the bioscience industry, our compliance expertise is leading the industry in the development of quality assurance methods, business continuity processes and Standard Operating Procedures. Our processes are compliant with regulatory GxP (GCP, GLP, GMP and GTP) requirements.

Expertise in sample asset protection for scientific research

Scientific, operations and logistics experts at BioStorage Technologies provide you with sample management consulting on best-in-class practices, equipment and resources for protecting the value of your scientific sample assets. We have the ability to store and protect samples within a full range of storage temperatures across the globe in our purpose-built biorepositories or managed locally at your site.

Management of the complete sample lifecycle

With a focus on the lifecycle management of scientific assets, BioStorage Technologies utilizes an industry-leading approach to plan, collect, transport, protect, retrieve and dispose of samples. Our processes ensure your sample assets are maintained at the highest level of integrity and are available as needed to support your research objectives.

Innovative state-of-the-art sample technology

We provide our customers with a proprietary sample management technology and tracking system, ISIDOR®, which gives instant web-based access to your sample data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ISIDOR® technology also allows you to consolidate all sample data within a single database, track the location of samples and request sample retrieval and shipment to research locations. ISIDOR® technology provides a non-editable, regulatory-compliant audit trail. This means absolute data integrity when tracking your invaluable samples.

Leadership in cold-chain sample transport

BioStorage offers transportation experts and a flexible suite of sample logistics and relocation services. Our relationships with global couriers allow you to achieve premier service and an up to 30% reduction in the transport of your samples. Our transport team has expertise in all necessary transport documentation, tracks your shipments and ensures the integrity of your samples are maintained during transit.
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