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headerCurrent issue: May 2017

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April 2017

Maintaining a National Resource of Historical and Contemporary Biological Collections: The NHLBI Biorepository Model

Regenerative Medicine: A Glimpse into the Future

March 2017

Learn about Revolutionary Advancements in Acoustic Compound Sample Management

Public-Private Collaboration Model for Life Sciences

BLSS 2D Sample Storage Tube Technology

February 2017

One Brave Idea’ to beat coronary heart disease

Cryopod™ Carrier for the Holidays – Giveaway Winner

January 2017

Cold Chain Temperature Regulation: The Fish Stick Paradox

How safe are your samples?

December 2016

Two Strategies for Knowledge Dissemination in Biobanking

Specimen Storage and Distribution Models: Paradigms, Shifts, Strategies and Benefits

November 2016

Ensuring Cold Chain Protection for Valuable Sample Assets: Cryopod™ Carrier and Automatic LN2 Filling Station

MURDOCK Study partners with BioStorage Technologies for storage, management of samples

October 2016

The Process Is the Product: How Cryopreservation Protocols Impact Sample Quality

We All Are A Resource for The Cure

September 2016

Stem Cells and the Future of Regenerative Medicine

Relocating Clinical Trial Samples Remotely in Another Region of the World

August 2016

PBMCs as tools to investigate the causes of major human diseases

Gaining Scientific insights through the Integration of Pharmacogenomics Analysis with Sample Management

July 2016

Disease Modeling in a Dish: The Promise and Challenges of Stem Cell Research

Global Biorepository Virtual Tour: A Center of Excellence in Sample Lifecycle Management

June 2016

How the Mayo Clinic is employing automation to enhance sample management efficiency

#FreezeFrameChallenge beneficiary highlight: Susan G. Komen ® Tissue Bank at the IU Simon Cancer Center

May 2016

Welcome to BioStorage Technologies

#FreezeFrameChallenge beneficiary highlight: SU2C Catalyst

April 2016

Transforming the Connectivity of Global Biospecimen Data: Collaborative Industry, Academic and CRO Approaches.

The Future of Automated Liquid Nitrogen Storage

March 2016

Using Genetics to Propel Olympic Greatness

End to End Sample Management in an outsourced environment

February 2016

Precision medicine in action toward a cure to Crohn’s disease

ISBER 2016

January 2016

Brooks’ Acquisition of BioStorage Technologies Promises Exciting New Integrated Sample Management Solutions

Saliva Collection Kits Designed for Automated DNA Extraction and Processing

December 2015

‘Mastering Institutional Biospecimen Management’ Part Two

JDRF – Turning Type One into Type None

November 2015

Indiana CTSI Innovates Biospecimen Data Integration

‘Mastering Institutional Biospecimen Management’

October 2015

The Value of Normal Samples in Breast Cancer Research

Fundamentals of Project Management in a Laboratory and Biobanking Partnership

September 2015

The AWS Cloud is Decreasing Time to Insight in Life Sciences

Kitting best practices for clinical trials

August 2015

Designing a new social contract for healthcare

ICH E18: Genomic Sampling Methodologies for Future Use

July 2015

The key to unlocking genomic medicine’s promise to human health

Industry-led collaboration is a game-changer for research advancement

June 2015

Advances in addiction research: Applying genetic biomarkers to personalize treatments

The National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network focuses on improving capacity to conduct CER through research network

May 2015

Data Virtualization enables business agility in Life Sciences

The Value of Healthy Donor Biospecimens and Data in Supporting Breast Cancer Research

April 2015

Pharmacogenomic Research as an Integral Component of Drug Development

2015 EU Data Protection Regulation – Impact on Research

March 2015

Turning Data into Intelligence

Growing importance of sample data integration to researchers

February 2015

BioStorage Firmly Behind the Scenes of Personalized Medicine

New Technologies Advancing Translational Research and Biomarker Development

January 2015

Top Trends in R&D Outsourcing Impacting Future R&D Success

The BioStorage Technologies Solution Center

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