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Transformational Integration of Research and Sample Data

ISIDOR® is a transformational and scalable informatics platform that enables you to integrate your research and sample data to advance your bioscience discoveries.

  • Provides a consolidated and virtualized view of global sample inventory data, automated sample tracking, fast sample search capabilities, and flexible standard or custom reporting.
  • Offers an agile, advanced technology solutions architecture that delivers a consolidated visual view of harmonized data with 24/7 anywhere access and secure hosting within the cloud.
  • Enables research stakeholders to share information on samples, generate insights by integrating sample data with public information and to build an e-commerce sample sharing marketplace.


Fast, flexible and secure – a single, global database for viewing sample inventory data.

BioInventory offers secure cloud-based, web access to global sample inventory data stored within our proprietary BST LIMS databases at our biorepositories or at client locations


Rapidly converts bioscience information into business intelligence.

BioConnect offers a flexible approach to linking sample and research data from any location around the world based on client-defined parameters to support consolidated data analysis.


Delivers the integrated sample data you want to see…exactly the way you want to see it!

BioInsight provides intelligent data visualization through powerful graphical data views that support enterprise-wide interoperability of research and sample data to drive faster business decisions.
As the global leader in comprehensive sample management solutions, our industry-leading technology experts are always available to support you in designing a solution that will meet your research needs.

BioStudiesThe biobank data management solution that works the way you do.

Samples represent valuable research assets. Quality management of samples and their respective data is essential to enable the advancement of future medical therapies. The integration of sample inventory data within biobanks and biorepositories with laboratory, donor consent and clinical data is a challenge for many research organizations around the world.

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