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Strategic Consulting

BioStorage Technologies offers a global team of comprehensive sample management experts who provide consulting on the complete lifecycle of your research samples. Our team of experts work with you to build a customized plan that supports you in maximizing your sample assets, minimizing your risk and reducing clinical trial costs. Whether you need to have your samples stored offsite at our global biorepositories, managed onsite at your facility or you need a hybrid solution, BioStorage Technologies has a full portfolio of customizable solutions that are designed to meet your research needs and that can deliver to you a 30-50% cost savings.

BioStorage Technologies

(5:12) Learn how to maximize research opportunities, minimize risk & reduce costs

Facility Tour

(9:58) Take a tour of our global state-of-the-art biorepository facilities


(31:38) Cost-saving strategies for the global consolidation of research assets

The Lifecycle of a Sample

One sample could be the key to future research advancements

Titan Pharmaceuticals

Pharma firm gains complete control of stored samples with strategic partnership & web-based inventory management system

Medtronic, Inc.

Major medical device manufacturer partners with BioStorage for outsourced biorepository & logistics management

The Biorepository: The Cornerstone of Drug Development

Drug Discovery News
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A Sample Partnership – 20/20 Pharma

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Piece of the Action

International Clinical Trials
February 2014
A strategic sample management plan can streamline[...]

Global Strategies for the Smartsourcing of Research Sample Assets

Pharmaceutical Outsourcing
July 2013

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