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Offsite Sample Management Solutions

Offsite sample management solutions enable you to outsource the storage of your samples at our global biorepositories to improve your internal resource allocation and reduce your overhead costs

As the premier, global provider of comprehensive sample management and biological storage solutions for the bioscience industry, BioStorage Technologies provides you with flexible outsourced management of your scientific sample assets at our global biorepository facilities in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

We offer highly qualified scientific equipment and resource experts, best-in-class sample management practices and a real-time, web-based intelligence and tracking of sample assets.

How we Support You

  • At our facilities, we employ highly-trained and qualified scientific and operations personnel. Our employees receive specific training and certification on how to manage sample assets, so you can be assured you are receiving the most qualified and skilled individuals to manage your samples.
  • With industry-leading operations, quality control processes and Good Storage Practices, we provide you with complete lifecycle management of your sample assets for more efficient internal resource allocation and optimization of samples which can enable you to reduce sample management costs.
  • ISIDOR® is utilized to store and track your sample data within a US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, uneditable database. ISIDOR® technology provides you with a consolidated sample data management system.

The Value we Deliver

  • The sample management expertise of our outsourced operations staff and our leadership in cold-storage transport and biological sample storage allows us to provide you with internal efficiencies and cost-savings in the management of your samples. With BioStorage Technologies you can achieve up to 30% savings on your sample transportation when compared to standard transportation services providers.
  • Our uneditable US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail of your samples within our database allows you to meet regulatory standards, rules and procedures in order to successfully pass regulatory compliance audits.
  • Consolidation and 24/7 access and tracking of your sample assets within our ISIDOR® technology tool provides you with a fast, flexible and secure way to manage your sample assets and improves your ability to leverage and utilize these sample assets for future research.

BioStorage Technologies maintains the integrity of your samples by more effectively managing the lifecycle of your valuable sample assets. By outsourcing your sample storage and management to BioStorage, you can reallocate your overhead, and reduce costs. Find out how you can more economically manage offsite storage of your sample assets and refocus your resources on research and development.

For more information contact BioStorage Technologies.

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